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Three Academic Levels at Global Sevilla International School Jakarta Barat

Every parent wants to give the best for their children, including in terms of education. It is essential for children to achieve a brighter future. For these reasons, sending children to Global Sevilla International School di Jakarta Barat is an option you can choose. Global Sevilla provides three different academic levels with a specific approach. Here is the information for you!

Different Academic Levels at Global Sevilla

  1. The Kindergarten School Program

The first program provided by Global Sevilla is Kindergarten Level. At this level, the primary approach is focusing on young learner development. Thus, it implements the International Early Years Curriculum or known as IEYC. In this case, the course uses the learning method in a practical and fun way.

Young learners have time to study the materials and teach with some activities to develop their positive behavior. The approach is essential to make the children comfortable to learn something new in the classroom activities. Thus, IEYC is the best option to teach the young learner that can get bored easily.

There will be some activities that focus on physical growth, such as games and sports. Also, Global Sevilla applies language and literacy through multilingual communication. With this in mind, the young learner at International School Jakarta Barat will understand and know when they are outside the school.

Besides that, Global Sevilla also provides some materials such as numeracy and reasoning through fun activities to develop problem-solving skills. Also, the IEYC approach can advance a young learner's ability in terms of emotional, personal, and social development when they are interacting in society.

  1. The Primary School Program

At the primary school levels, the students will focus on using Active Learning with an inquiry-based approach. As one of Indonesia's international schools, Global Sevilla also applies some curriculums, namely Cambridge and International primary courses. These approaches are adjusted to figure out student’s abilities more creatively and comprehensively.

  1. The Secondary School Program

After following the primary levels, the student will face the secondary level. At an international school, Jakarta Barat focuses on Project and research-based learning. At this level, the students must understand themselves, such as potentials, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Also, the student will learn experiential learning processes to solve the problem in the future.

As the best institution, Global Sevilla offers three different academic levels based on age. Kindergarten school is designed for the young learner that focuses on children’s development needs. The primary class will use Active inquiry-based learning as the main approach. Also, secondary school programs will encourage the student to use projects and research-based learning.

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